The Leadership Accelerator Academy

A joint international program by EFMD Global Network & Moscow School of Management SKOLKOVO for business education executives

September 23-24, 2018


Open Program for International Business Education Leaders

Transformational forces are in the process of reshaping higher education and business schools, as professional schools, are at the forefront of this development. As universities are responding to the call of becoming more customer oriented, impactful, technology-embracing, and network focused, hardly ‘any stone will be left unturned’. Everything from content, the role of research, pedagogy to students are credentialed is likely to be affects.

The Leadership Accelerator Academy focuses on these challenges and will help participants to respond to them in their professional roles, as leaders and shapers in higher education.

A joint program is conducted by Moscow School of Management SKOLKOVO and EFMD Global Network.

Program Objective

To create a space in which leading higher-education actors can discuss and develop the reform agenda of tertiary education (in particular management education) in a global context

September 22, 2018 - Kick-off day at Business Fest, September 23-24, 2018 - The Leadership Accelerator Academy
Program Length:
1 kick-off day & 2 full days
English with simultaneous translation into Russian
Campus of Moscow School of Management SKOLKOVO

Senior executives in higher education institutions, in particular business schools, schools/faculties of management as stand-alone institutions or as part of universities, corporate universities


Practical Value of the Program

EFMD — international leader in business education. EFMD is the largest International network association in the field of management development that includes over 912 institutional members and reaches over 30,000 management development professionals from academia, business, public service and consultancy across 88 countries worldwide.

EFMD plays a central role in shaping an international approach to management education and it is a unique forum for information, research, quality assurance, networking and debate on innovation and best practice in management development. It diligently serves as an international platform to bring together leaders in the management education profession and to contribute systemic and integrative thinking to the discourse of continuous amelioration in education, research and practice.

Uniquely responsible and inclusive, EFMD convenes, facilitates and fosters collaboration amongst institutions that share interest in promoting and developing responsible initiatives.

The joint international program has the perceptible aim to gather experts from academia and business spheres who would contribute and tackle the actual challenges in management development. This program will highlight the current regional issues; foreground challenges and questions that concern business education sphere and provide some practical solutions.

Interaction with high-quality international and Russian experts in business education

Becoming part of the unique community of business-education leaders

Discussion of key trends and problems of business education, identification and analysis of transformation tasks

Joint development of agenda and future activities

Program Highlights

The Leadership Accelerator Academy enhances the participants’ leadership competencies while at the same time focusing on issues that are high up on the reform agenda of Russian higher education


Impact & Engagement

An important pathway towards tackling these challenges is to engage more effectively with the non-academic world; to be ‘engaged’ and generate ‘impact’



In a globalized world, having ‘impact’ necessitates learning from other organizations, partnering with them and utilizing networks to the benefit of institutional stakeholders



Together with their stakeholders, business schools need to explore how to embrace technological change that is impacting the way students learn; they need to transform the educational journey to meet employers’ future needs

Who Should Attend

Βusiness-education leaders


Members of senior management teams of business schools


Deans of schools of management & economics at universities departments who already hold or intend to assume transformational roles in their institution


Senior executives of corporate universities


Executives with corresponding positions at the university level or in other faculties are invited as well




Program details


September 22, 2018 - Kick-off day at Business Fest, September 23-24, 2018 - The Leadership Accelerator Academy



Program Length
1 kick-off day & 2 full days



Program Fee
120 000 rubles – standard fee. 100 000 rubles – special offer for EFMD members and SKOLKOVO business school alumni.



Completion of all phases of the program will lead to the award of professional certificate issued by EFMD GN and Moscow School of Management SKOLKOVO



English with simultaneous translation into Russian



Campus of Moscow School of Management SKOLKOVO




Kick-off Day

date_range September 22, 2018. Participation is optional
SKOLKOVO Business Fest. Business and educational program. Immerse yourselves in the atmosphere of business education and get to know the community of one of the best business schools

Day 1

date_range September 23, 2018
Welcome and Introduction
Taking a Global Perspective on Business Education: Internationalization that Makes a Difference for Students and Other Stakeholders
Perspectives of a Business School Dean I: Internationalization
Perspectives of a Business School Dean II: Impact & Engagement
Group Activity “Leadership in Action”
Networking Dinner at Moscow School of Management SKOLKOVO; Dinner Speech on the Future Development of Business Education in Russia and Beyond

Day 2

date_range September 24, 2018
Perspectives of a Business School Dean III: Digitalization
Leading Transformational Change
Round table “Leading Change: Transformation of Business Education in Russia”
Group activity: Groups presentations and debrief
Closing Remarks

After completing the face-to-face component of the program, all participants are invited to engage in a capstone activity targeting transformational challenges at the participants’ home institutions with feedback to be provided by expert coaches of EFMD GN and Moscow School of Management SKOLKOVO.




Ulrich Hommel

Director of Business School Development at EFMD Global Network (GN), Associate Director Quality Services at EFMD

Areas of expertise: corporate risk management, organizational resilience, higher education management and financing


Eric Cornuel

Virtual session

Director General & CEO, EFMD

Areas of expertise: institutional development of business schools, strategy, international management and entrepreneurship


Steven Dekrey

Chairman of the SKOLKOVO International Academic Council & Associate Dean, HKUST Business School

Areas of expertise: leadership training, education and NGO management, leader assessments, global partnerships, education administration and board member training


Baback Yazdani

Dean of Nottingham Business School, Nottingham Trent University

Areas of expertise: leadership in strategic transformations, strategic partnership of business and business schools


Mike Ewing

Virtual session

Executive Dean, Deakin University, Co-President ABDC

Areas of expertise: digital transformation, marketing communications, marketing strategy, brand management, and health promotion


Marat Atnashev

Dean, Moscow School of Management SKOLKOVO

Andrei Sharonov

President, Moscow School of Management SKOLKOVO

Denis Konanchuk

Academic Director, Moscow School of Management SKOLKOVO

Dominique Turpin

Dean of External Relations IMD Business School (2012-2016)

Olga Nazaykinskaya

Director of the SKOLKOVO Education Development Centre, Moscow School of Management SKOLKOVO



Program Fee


120 000 rubles – standard fee.

100 000 rubles – special offer for EFMD members and SKOLKOVO business school alumni.

The program fee includes:




Full set of study materials


Session with expert coaches after the end of the program


Completion of all phases of the program will lead to the award of professional certificate issued by EFMD GN and Moscow School of Management SKOLKOVO


Parking fee


Lunch and coffee breaks

Please note that accommodation and travel expenses are not included.


How to Enrol

Требования к участникам

  • ректор/проректор/заместитель проректора/директор института/ декан/ начальник управления и другие представители руководства учебных, научных, административных подразделений университета.

  • управленческие кадры в сфере среднего и крупного бизнеса, предпринимательства, социальной, научной сфере, сфере государственного и муниципального управления.

Идеальный кандидат обладает:
  • лидерскими качествами;

  • высокой личной мотивацией на участие в программе;

  • потенциалом для профессионального роста;

  • видением перспектив развития системы высшего образования Российской Федерации;

  • готовностью к интенсивной коллективной работе по подготовке проектов развития в сфере высшего образования.

Управленческий опыт

Не менее 5 лет, наличие людей в подчинении


Наличие диплома о высшем образовании


До 50 лет


Необходимо изложить в заявке личную мотивацию на участие в программе

Step #1
Fill in the application form

Only fully filled applications will be accepted for consideration


Неверный номер




Step #2
On individual request please prepare additional documents for the application (resume, essay, motivation letter, etc.), so that we will get to know your better


Step #3
Wait for Letter of Acceptance


Step #4
Return the signed contract and transfer the tuition fee


Step #5
Come to SKOLKOVO Campus in September!


Admission committee reserves the right to refuse admission to any candidate who has not passed at least one of admission steps.




Additional information


Olga Nemirovich

Program manager
+ 7 916 795 70 89

Diana Timirbaeva

Program Administrator
+7 968 065 54 01





Moscow School of Management SKOLKOVO
Novaya ul. 100, Skolkovo village, Odintsovsky District, Moscow Region, 143025, Russia



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